Top 10 Tai Chi Moves to Learn

Tai Chi can be very fulfilling in some way. It should be included in the top 10 exercises to do everyday. It helps you to relax your muscles and as well burn some unnecessary fat especially in your tummy. Here are the top 10 Tai Chi moves that you should learn:

The beginner posture

You need to have your feet and shoulder far apart as possible. You then need to round your back gently as though you want to touch the ground from your back.

One leg balance


Rest your weight on one leg as you gently raise the other one to be at a parallel line with the ground. Do it repeatedly until you become steady in that position.



As the name suggests, you got to form a horse posture. You stand with legs apart then stretch your hand to hold the furthest ground you can forward as you keep your back perpendicular to the ground. Sounds easy!

Brush Knee


Stand with legs apart. Then try to stretch both of your arms. Simultaneously, move one arm towards the ground which the other actively extended. Repeat the same to the other arm. You can do this as repeatedly as possible.

Raising power


Stand at a stable posture. Rub your hands together so some time. Then, you need to pull them apart slowly being keen that you use some energy. You can pose severally before they are further moved then move them closer until they touch one another slowly.

Basic stepping


Stand with one leg slightly ahead of the other maintaining the low center of gravity. Then you need to make a step as you roll your leg from the knee ball severally. Ensure you take all possible direction for the rolling.

Single Whip


Stretch your hands forward with the palm facing the ground. Then you can move one leg forwards for stability. Keep stretching the two arms to and from you. Do this severally as you feel some energy being generated.

Turn and kick


This is the most exciting move. You need to jump as you turn the position and each time you jump, you need to kick your legs gently. What matters about this move is the speed. If you do it very fast, you will feel as if the whole of your body has been activated.

White crane spread wings


Stand with one leg slightly ahead. Then you need to turn your waist to the right. Ensure that as you do this, your palm and the body face each other. Now, move your left hand towards the floor as you raise the left foot. Repeat on the other leg and arm.

Move hands like clouds


Stand with the legs remarkably separated. Then, all you need to stretch your hand to the maximum they wave them like the clouds in opposite directions several times. You will feel a stretch on both the arms.